BKH Pilates

Our Pilates Story

At BKH Pilates, we are committed to providing a caring teaching approach targeted to our client’s specific needs.

Our passion for Pilates is borne out of personally experiencing the important long-term benefits Pilates can have on a person’s health and well-being.

Barbara’s interest in Pilates began in 2000 when she underwent surgery for a back injury. During her rehabilitation she was advised by medical professionals to undertake Pilates to assist in her recovery.

She consequently started practising Pilates regularly, experiencing noticeable benefits to her back health along with improved posture, muscle tone and core strength.

An additional benefit was the way Pilates helped her manage the demands of corporate life, working as a Director for a global market research agency.

Barbara was so inspired by the impact Pilates had on her health and well-being that she decided to train as a Pilates teacher to enable people to experience the benefits.

She underwent extensive training with Body Control Pilates, qualifying as a Level 3 Pilates teacher in 2015. Body Control is Europe’s leading professional body for Pilates teachers and is widely seen as the international benchmark in terms of the quality of teaching and method effectiveness.

Shortly after qualifying Barbara sustained a severe leg fracture in an accident, requiring lengthy surgery and intensive rehabilitation. Barbara credits Pilates with playing a key role in her journey towards a successful recovery.

Consequently Barbara has a keen interest in the restorative benefits of Pilates, bringing a depth of understanding and empathy developed from her own personal Pilates journey.

Specifically, Barbara is a certified Back4Good lower back pain Pilates specialist and registered with the BackCare charity. She also holds the Level 3 Award in Designing Pre and Post Natal Pilates Exercise Programmes.